Honours Project Development Blog – s1 – 3

I was not able to commit much time to honours research this week, unfortunately, as I was taking a game ‘OIL’ to EGX in Birmingham as part of the Abertay Dare competition. However, as the event was in Birmingham, a long coach journey was involved which allowed for some good reading time.

I was directed by Ruth Falconer to the GPU Technology Conference website to look for talks about GPU based simulation frameworks, this proved a fruitful resource! I was also able to find some good papers linked to from the FLAME GPU website, in particular looking at the important aspects in biological simulations. My naïve eyes were opened to the complexities of biological simulation! In particular the impact of performing a simulation of mobile cells in 3D compared to static cells in 2D. I think the performance aspects of these areas would be of most interest to me over the duration of this project.

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