Honours Project Development Blog – s1 – 11

Outside of my university studies I am working on a game called OIL which was a winner of the Abertay Dare Academy competition. As a part of this prize I went to India on University business for over a week. I also had a family event booked in Sweden for a week prior to this which was booked before even entering the Dare Academy competition let alone receiving the prize, so it was not expected that my term would be as heavily impacted as it was. In addition to this throughout the term I have had to dedicate a not inconsiderable amount of time to the development of the OIL project which has lead to my honours progress being slower than I would have liked but required stopping work on the honours altogether for this period of time. Upon returning to the country a focus was placed on my other university work so that I could complete it leaving only my honours left to work on. Which will be the focus from next week.

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