Honours Project Development Blog – s2 – 2

As mentioned in an earlier blog post, I have been busy outside of university working on a game called OIL with the aim of releasing it before graduation. This week was a big week for OIL, I attended the Pocket Gamer Connects conference in London where we were taking part in the Very Big Indie Pitch (which we got 2nd place in!). In addition to this we had meetings all week with various people, such as Amazon and Apple. Furthermore we were very fortunate to have a playtest session with UsTwo games (Monument Valley), who spent time with us playing OIL and giving us feedback.

Unfortunately, this meant that I didn’t have access to a powerful pc and had very little time to myself so was unable to do any meaningful work on my simulation. I had a little think about potential new solutions, but didn’t come up with anything actionable.

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