Honours Project Development Blog – s2 – 6

I began working on the client-side interaction of the simulation to aid with my debugging. Being able to reset the concentration values of the cells whilst the simulation is running will be able to help me visually identify how the simulation is behaving. I created the ui for this interaction system and began working on the framework.

I was making good progress in this area until late in the week, whilst going through one of the many stages of the build pipeline, SpatialOS decided it would stop doing the codegen of its bespoke Schemalang language, saying the compiler was missing (which appeared to be true, even though I’d definitely never even been to its directory, let alone deleted it from that location). I was unable to repair spatial so had to uninstall it and reinstall. This then turned up more errors which are completely inexplicable – I can’t see any reference to the errors online. Currently I am completely unable to use any of the spatial commands through the CLI and the SDK is completely non-functional in any Unity project.

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