Honours Project Development Blog – s2 – 8

As I had a locally running simulation, I felt like it was now important to try and make a start on my dissertation and so this week was dedicated to writing my methodology section. My supervisor felt like this would be the best section to attempt first as this could help inform the continuing direction of the project.

I found ordering my ideas and findings from the development of my application helped massively in organising my thoughts about how best to proceed next. Through my explanation of how deployment configurations work, I could see that I had misunderstood the use cases of the different load balancing configurations. I realised that for a group of entities of a fixed number in fixed space, a static configuration using a known number of workers was the best approach. Especially when performing experiments as there needs to be as few changeable independent variables as possible for a rigorous experiment. I also realised that for the fixed configuration, the total bounds of the world must be covered by the domains of each worker (which are unchanging), therefore the bounds should not be any bigger than the size of the space the simulation is being performed in.

I rewrote how the cells were spawned in so that they would always fit exactly within a world of bounds 100m x 100m in an even distribution.

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